BTU Calorie

How many Calories are in a BTU?

The answer is one BTU is equal to 252.16 Calories. Feel free to use our online unit conversion calculator to convert the unit from BTU to Calorie. Just simply, enter value 1 in BTU and see the result in Calorie.

How to Convert BTU to Calorie (BTU to cal)

By using our BTU to Calorie conversion tool, you know that one BTU is equivalent to 252.16 Calorie. Hence, to convert BTU to Calorie, we just need to multiply the number by 252.16. We are going to use very simple BTU to Calorie conversion formula for that. Pleas see the calculation example given below.

Convert 1 BTU to Calorie 1 BTU = 1 × 252.16 = 252.16 Calorie

What is BTU Unit of Measure?

BTU is a unit of measurement for energy. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. It is non-SI and traditional unit of heat. One BTU is equal to 1 kilojoule.

What is the symbol of BTU?

The symbol of BTU is BTU which means you can also write it as 1 BTU.

What is Calorie Unit of Measure?

Calorie is a unit of measurement for energy. When we talk about nutrition, calorie basically refers to the amount of energy one can get from food and drink he consumes and energy he uses in his physical activities. One Calorie is equal to 4.184 joules.

What is the symbol of Calorie?

The symbol of Calorie is cal which means you can also write it as 1 cal.

BTU to Calorie Conversion Table
BTU [BTU] Calorie [calorie]
1 252.1644007218
2 504.32880144359
3 756.49320216539
4 1008.6576028872
5 1260.822003609
6 1512.9864043308
7 1765.1508050526
8 2017.3152057744
9 2269.4796064962
10 2521.644007218
100 25216.44007218
1000 2.521644007218e+5
BTU to Other Units Conversion Chart
BTU [BTU] Output
1 BTU in Calorie equals to 252.16
1 BTU in ERG equals to 10550558526.2
1 BTU in eV equals to 6.5851409617891e+21
1 BTU in Foot-pound equals to 778.17
1 BTU in Gasoline equals to 0.000030849586333918
1 BTU in Gigajoule equals to 0.00000105505585262
1 BTU in Horsepower Hour equals to 0.00039301471124074
1 BTU in Inch-pound equals to 9338.02
1 BTU in Joule equals to 1055.06
1 BTU in Kilojoule equals to 1.06
1 BTU in Kilocalorie equals to 0.2521644007218
1 BTU in Kilowatt Hour equals to 0.00029307107017222
1 BTU in Megajoule equals to 0.00105505585262
1 BTU in Petajoule equals to 1.05505585262e-12
1 BTU in Terajoule equals to 1.05505585262e-9
1 BTU in Therm equals to 0.000010000000000441
1 BTU in Watt Second equals to 1055.06
1 BTU in Watt Hour equals to 0.29307107017222
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