Attostokes Centistokes

How many Centistokes are in a Attostokes?

The answer is one Attostokes is equal to 1e-16 Centistokes. Feel free to use our online unit conversion calculator to convert the unit from Attostokes to Centistokes. Just simply, enter value 1 in Attostokes and see the result in Centistokes.

How to Convert Attostokes to Centistokes (aSt to cSt)

By using our Attostokes to Centistokes conversion tool, you know that one Attostokes is equivalent to 1e-16 Centistokes. Hence, to convert Attostokes to Centistokes, we just need to multiply the number by 1e-16. We are going to use very simple Attostokes to Centistokes conversion formula for that. Pleas see the calculation example given below.

Convert 1 Attostokes to Centistokes 1 Attostokes = 1 × 1e-16 = 1e-16 Centistokes

What is Attostokes Unit of Measure?

Attostokes is a unit of measurement for kinematic viscosity. Attostokes is a decimal fraction of kinematic viscosity unit stokes. One attostokes is equal to 1e-18 stokes.

What is the symbol of Attostokes?

The symbol of Attostokes is aSt which means you can also write it as 1 aSt.

What is Centistokes Unit of Measure?

Centistokes is a unit of measurement for kinematic viscosity. Centistokes is a decimal fraction of kinematic viscosity unit stokes. One centistokes is equal to 0.01 stokes.

What is the symbol of Centistokes?

The symbol of Centistokes is cSt which means you can also write it as 1 cSt.

Attostokes to Centistokes Conversion Table
Attostokes [aSt] Centistokes [cSt]
1 1e-16
2 2e-16
3 3e-16
4 4e-16
5 5e-16
6 6e-16
7 7e-16
8 8e-16
9 9e-16
10 1e-15
100 1e-14
1000 1e-13
Attostokes to Other Units Conversion Chart
Attostokes [aSt] Output
1 Attostokes in Centistokes equals to 1e-16
1 Attostokes in Decistokes equals to 1e-17
1 Attostokes in Dekastokes equals to 1e-19
1 Attostokes in Exastokes equals to 1e-36
1 Attostokes in Femtostokes equals to 0.001
1 Attostokes in Gigastokes equals to 1e-27
1 Attostokes in Hectostokes equals to 1e-20
1 Attostokes in Kilostokes equals to 1e-21
1 Attostokes in Megastokes equals to 1e-24
1 Attostokes in Microstokes equals to 1e-12
1 Attostokes in Millistokes equals to 1e-15
1 Attostokes in Nanostokes equals to 1e-9
1 Attostokes in Petastokes equals to 1e-33
1 Attostokes in Picostokes equals to 0.000001
1 Attostokes in Square Centimeter/Hour equals to 3.6e-15
1 Attostokes in Square Centimeter/Minute equals to 6e-17
1 Attostokes in Square Centimeter/Second equals to 1e-18
1 Attostokes in Square Foot/Hour equals to 3.8750077500155e-18
1 Attostokes in Square Foot/Minute equals to 6.4583462500258e-20
1 Attostokes in Square Foot/Second equals to 1.076391041671e-21
1 Attostokes in Square Inch/Hour equals to 5.5800111600223e-16
1 Attostokes in Square Inch/Minute equals to 9.3000186000372e-18
1 Attostokes in Square Inch/Second equals to 1.5500031000062e-19
1 Attostokes in Square Meter/Hour equals to 3.6e-19
1 Attostokes in Square Meter/Minute equals to 6e-21
1 Attostokes in Square Meter/Second equals to 1e-22
1 Attostokes in Square Micrometer/Hour equals to 3.6e-7
1 Attostokes in Square Micrometer/Minute equals to 6e-9
1 Attostokes in Square Micrometer/Second equals to 1e-10
1 Attostokes in Square Millimeter/Hour equals to 3.6e-13
1 Attostokes in Square Millimeter/Minute equals to 6e-15
1 Attostokes in Square Millimeter/Second equals to 1e-16
1 Attostokes in Square Yard/Hour equals to 4.3055641666839e-19
1 Attostokes in Square Yard/Minute equals to 7.1759402778065e-21
1 Attostokes in Square Yard/Second equals to 1.1959900463011e-22
1 Attostokes in Stokes equals to 1e-18
1 Attostokes in Terastokes equals to 1e-30
Other Units to Attostokes Conversion Chart
Output Attostokes [aSt]
1 Centistokes in Attostokes equals to 10000000000000000
1 Decistokes in Attostokes equals to 100000000000000000
1 Dekastokes in Attostokes equals to 10000000000000000000
1 Exastokes in Attostokes equals to 1e+36
1 Femtostokes in Attostokes equals to 1000
1 Gigastokes in Attostokes equals to 1e+27
1 Hectostokes in Attostokes equals to 100000000000000000000
1 Kilostokes in Attostokes equals to 1e+21
1 Megastokes in Attostokes equals to 1e+24
1 Microstokes in Attostokes equals to 1000000000000
1 Millistokes in Attostokes equals to 1000000000000000
1 Nanostokes in Attostokes equals to 1000000000
1 Petastokes in Attostokes equals to 1e+33
1 Picostokes in Attostokes equals to 1000000
1 Square Centimeter/Hour in Attostokes equals to 277777777777780
1 Square Centimeter/Minute in Attostokes equals to 16666666666667000
1 Square Centimeter/Second in Attostokes equals to 1000000000000000000
1 Square Foot/Hour in Attostokes equals to 258064000000000000
1 Square Foot/Minute in Attostokes equals to 15483840000000000000
1 Square Foot/Second in Attostokes equals to 929030400000000000000
1 Square Inch/Hour in Attostokes equals to 1792111111111100
1 Square Inch/Minute in Attostokes equals to 107526666666670000
1 Square Inch/Second in Attostokes equals to 6451600000000000000
1 Square Meter/Hour in Attostokes equals to 2777777777777800000
1 Square Meter/Minute in Attostokes equals to 166666666666670000000
1 Square Meter/Second in Attostokes equals to 1e+22
1 Square Micrometer/Hour in Attostokes equals to 2777777.78
1 Square Micrometer/Minute in Attostokes equals to 166666666.67
1 Square Micrometer/Second in Attostokes equals to 10000000000
1 Square Millimeter/Hour in Attostokes equals to 2777777777777.8
1 Square Millimeter/Minute in Attostokes equals to 166666666666670
1 Square Millimeter/Second in Attostokes equals to 10000000000000000
1 Square Yard/Hour in Attostokes equals to 2322576000000000000
1 Square Yard/Minute in Attostokes equals to 139354560000000000000
1 Square Yard/Second in Attostokes equals to 8.3612736e+21
1 Stokes in Attostokes equals to 1000000000000000000
1 Terastokes in Attostokes equals to 1e+30
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